A Fish Finger Supper

How to make fish fingers posh? Hmm… Heston could probably do it. He’d deconstruct them, turn them into little floating clouds that solidified into delectable vinegary and salty cod-flavoured ice cream on the tongue. That’s Bloomin’ Hestonthal for you, though (a Come Dine With Me contestant once called him that in all seriousness.) Jamie would … Continue reading

BBQs, Bad Heads and Vintage Crockery…

The weekend just gone mostly involved accidental and not-so-accidental hardcore drinking. After Friday’s “this was never meant to happen” session, I needed a breakfast not cooked by me. So J and I went to Feast in Muswell Hill and had this. I could have cheated and said I cooked it myself but that would be … Continue reading

Zucchini, rocket and parmesan salad

I’ve mostly been “cooking” salads lately. But not the Iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes and cucumber kind. No, I’ve been using exotic ingredients like… courgette. Bear with me. Look: This ‘Zucchini, rocket and Parmesan’ salad, to give it its posh name, is a popular item on the menu of one of my favourite London restaurants, Da Polpo. As you … Continue reading