Hello, something new is on its way!


Hello, hello lovely people who still subscribe to this blog despite me not posting in it since the beginning of the year.

There are a couple of reasons for this but let’s talk about the fun one…

I’ve been working on a new blog to go alongside the new lifestyle-y crafting business I’ve set up with my mum and my cousin.

We’re called We May Be Little and we make things. At the mo: crochet coasters, macrame planters, baby hairbands and coffee cup cosies that protect your hand from the ‘Americano burn’. But there’s loads more to come.

Our lifestyle blog We May Be Little.com that sits alongside our Etsy shop – and will cover everything from cocktail making to clothes shopping – launches tomorrow and we’d love you to follow us.

Have a click through to the new site now if you fancy it; there’s a FOLLOW button on the right where you pop in your email address.

In the meantime, New Girl On The Chopping Block will still be lingering around the Internet and will be updated with the recipes that go on to the new blog.

Thanks everybody – hope to see you at the new place!


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