Weekend inspiration: Maltby Street Market

Ropewalk, Maltby Street Market is a lovely little way to while away an hour or two on a weekend morning. It’s a bit off the beaten track and is set beneath scuzzy old railway arches in Bermondsey, about a 20-minute walk from the heaving Borough market. When you make it to Ropewalk you’re met with a cute and buzzy, delicious-smelling … Continue reading

Top marks for ten, Hornsey

  Hello, NGOTCB is back! Yes, it has been a year since I last blogged (hides behind hands…) but I have a good excuse. And it goes like this: Julian and I now have a permanent plus-one and her name is Jasmine. And she’s delish. With a baby in tow, my attempts at cooking have taken a bit … Continue reading

Strawberry and Vanilla Pancake Stack

Note: Not one for a 5:2 diet day. I finally got round to trying my hand at one of the (many, many) breakfasts I gorged on in New York – this toppling strawberry and vanilla pancake stack. There’s nothing healthy about these bad boys – the batter mix contains sugar and vanilla essence – and … Continue reading

The Simplest Blueberry Smoothie Ever Made…

This smoothie – my first attempt at one – was a Sunday morning off-top-of-the-head thing, which is why it was very basic. It involved three ingredients and an immersion blender. And I think it was healthyISH but, obvz, by no means the healthiest smoothie on the block. A whole tub of Rachel’s organic low fat … Continue reading

Shakshouka Eggs

My friend Rick told me the spicy tomato and egg dish I concocted for brunch a couple of weeks ago resembled a famous Israeli breakfast – Shakshouka Eggs. Intrigued, I Googled, read up on it, and set about turning my messy concoction into a shakshouka. Apparently this dish is Tunisian in origin and, get this, … Continue reading

What Shall We Have for Brunch?

How about spicy tomatoes, eggs and crusty bread made from all the ingredients you have in your cupboard right now? All you need is a tin or two of chopped toms (as posh or as cheap as you have), an onion (ideally red, but if not, yellow!) a clove or two of garlic, a red … Continue reading

Sunday Brunch: Salmon and Yogurt Bagels

I love bagels. But bagels don’t love me.  After consuming them I am left feeling rather beached whale. (I basically have a gluten-intolerance I don’t want to admit to; it’s bad enough telling people you’re a veggie). But, anyway – yes! – I found a l lovely Joy The Baker ‘Bagel and Lox’ recipe that offered … Continue reading