A Fish Finger Supper

How to make fish fingers posh?

Hmm… Heston could probably do it. He’d deconstruct them, turn them into little floating clouds that solidified into delectable vinegary and salty cod-flavoured ice cream on the tongue.

That’s Bloomin’ Hestonthal for you, though (a Come Dine With Me contestant once called him that in all seriousness.)

Jamie would get on down to Billinsgate Fish Market, buy the freshest white fishage, slash it into perfect slithers,  dunk slithers in milk and then just flippin’ roll ’em in ‘is own homemade organic, rustic kitchen-cooked breadcrumbs before frying. Easy peasy as a Pukka Pie.

One day maybe. Let’s just get the Birds Eye ones out for now…

To poshen up my shop-bought fingers, I did the “famous” Zucchini, Rocket  and Parmesan side side. Instead of throwing some oven chips on – which I was tempted to do – I found a recipe for a garlicky potato dish from a sophisticated and lovely food blog called Vogue Vegetarian.

I didn’t have the nice red potatoes, so I just used regular new potatoes. And did this.


Enough potatoes for people

1/4 cup of Extra Virg

1 tbsp of Dijon mustard

3 tbsp of white wine vinegar (I didn’t have rice vinegar, which is what the recipe suggests)

2 cloves of garlic (I only chopped, but should have minced)

1 tbsp of minced rosemary. I didn’t have rosemary. Unhappy face.

Salt and pepper to season


Stick all of the above in a bowl and whirl together with a spoon then pour as much or as little over your potatoes as you fancy!


Well, the fish fingers, being all my own creation and everything, were just perfect. The zucchini salad is now a simple, staple fave, and the potatoes..? Well, I liked them and their dressing. A lot. Not so sure my dining companion was in complete agreement. He said he quite liked the sauce but it was “a bit vinegary”. But then he’s not keen on vinegar. And I love it. My sister, who’s not happy unless her chips sit in a bath of vinegar, would have liked it. In fact, she’d probably have asked for more vinegar.

Fish Finger Supper Bits and Bobs

Kitchen cock-ups: A lack of rosemary and rice wine vinegar for the potatoes’ sauce. And a complete lack of garlic mince-age (just to come over all Jamie again) – mincing would have made the sauce better and smoother.

Listened to: Little Dragon, by Little Dragon

No. of fish fingers cooked: 10 between 2. Ooops.


4 thoughts on “A Fish Finger Supper

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  2. Thanks for trying the potatoes! I’m so glad you like them. It’s worth a trip to the store for the rosemary as it really balances it all out. Or better yet, buy a little rosemary plant for a few dollars at your local nursery… the little suckers are really hardy and evergreen so they look great in a container on a deck or windowsill. 🙂 Thanks again!

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