Tuna Nicoise Salad

You can’t beat a tuna nicoise for a healthy, chic dinner. Because it’s French and everything French is stylish (even that ex-policeman Georges, from Master Chef, who looked a bit like a robber) this is worth making with precision and TLC. As much as I just wanted to chuck everything in a bowl and eat … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Bubbledogs

Bubbledogs, 70 Charlotte Street, London Bubbledogs does champagne and hot dogs and has become one of London’s must-eat-at dining joints since it opened in August. It has a no-bookings policy (except for groups of six or more, apparently…) and has had tonnes of press – so as to be expected, its queues are loooong. My … Continue reading

Shakshouka Eggs

My friend Rick told me the spicy tomato and egg dish I concocted for brunch a couple of weeks ago resembled a famous Israeli breakfast – Shakshouka Eggs. Intrigued, I Googled, read up on it, and set about turning my messy concoction into a shakshouka. Apparently this dish is Tunisian in origin and, get this, … Continue reading

Mulled Wine and Chocolate Chip Cookies

The first mulled wine of the season is always something to get excited about. And what better night for your first hot, clovey vino than a picnic at the top of Ally Pally hill on Bonfire Night? My friend Tara had the task of mulling the wine and cooking the mini margarita pizzas (which were … Continue reading