Top marks for ten, Hornsey

  Hello, NGOTCB is back! Yes, it has been a year since I last blogged (hides behind hands…) but I have a good excuse. And it goes like this: Julian and I now have a permanent plus-one and her name is Jasmine. And she’s delish. With a baby in tow, my attempts at cooking have taken a bit … Continue reading

2 Days in New York

New York in October. It’s truly chilling. To set the scene: J and I arrived on a busy Wednesday lunchtime on a night flight from sleepy Hawaii – on the last leg of the ‘moon – quite jet lagged and already missing the Alohan spirit we’d become accustomed to. But hey ho. We could deal … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Bubbledogs

Bubbledogs, 70 Charlotte Street, London Bubbledogs does champagne and hot dogs and has become one of London’s must-eat-at dining joints since it opened in August. It has a no-bookings policy (except for groups of six or more, apparently…) and has had tonnes of press – so as to be expected, its queues are loooong. My … Continue reading

Shakshouka Eggs

My friend Rick told me the spicy tomato and egg dish I concocted for brunch a couple of weeks ago resembled a famous Israeli breakfast – Shakshouka Eggs. Intrigued, I Googled, read up on it, and set about turning my messy concoction into a shakshouka. Apparently this dish is Tunisian in origin and, get this, … Continue reading

Mulled Wine and Chocolate Chip Cookies

The first mulled wine of the season is always something to get excited about. And what better night for your first hot, clovey vino than a picnic at the top of Ally Pally hill on Bonfire Night? My friend Tara had the task of mulling the wine and cooking the mini margarita pizzas (which were … Continue reading

Friday Photos and a Sexy Salad Dressing

I’m always snapping away at foodie stuff on my phone – with mixed results, but I’m bit better now I have the iPhone 5. So I thought, rather than leave the pics clogging up my phone alongside the 2335 photos I already have in my one photo album, that I’d put them on here, … Continue reading

Fun-Size Scones and an Afternoon Tea Party

Afternoon tea is quite the thing these days. From The Ritz to your local caff, everyone’s getting in on it. Including my work friend Azza who decided to throw an afternoon tea-themed flat-warming party last weekend. Being aware of my new-found fondness for baking, and having tried one of my cookies last week, Az asked … Continue reading