Restaurant Review: Hala

Hala, Turkish Restaurant, 29 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Haringay A SEA OF FALAFEL A MASSIVE PARCEL OF MEAT THE MEAT REVEAL (lamb ribs, chicken shish, quail and more) COMPLIMENTARY SALADS AND FABULOUS TURKISH BREAD = HAPPY PUNTERS!! So, the huuuuuge falafel dish was £6.50; the three-way MULTI meat plate – which was even bigger than … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Yalla Yalla

Yalla Yalla, 1 Green’s Court, Soho Here comes another restaurant review. I might be trying other people’s food more than trying to make my own lately, but in my defence, the kitchen has been ripped out. In fact, the parts that once made up the kitchen are all now sitting in the living room. Look: … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Mishkin’s

Mishkin’s, 25 Catherine Street, London MISHKIN’S describes itself as a “sort-of Jewish deli with cocktails”. It doesn’t do kosher food but it does have a scrumptious-looking array of the kind of stodgy comfort food you’d find in a downtown New York deli: reuben on rye, salt beef sarnie – all stuffed to the crusts with … Continue reading

Spinach, Mushroom and Pecorino Quinoa

Yes, I’ve finally gone off script! I made something that I sort-of concocted in my very own mind, without the help of a TV chef or someone else’s blog. The quinoa is back and I’m using it like pasta. As much as I love pasta, it’s bloat-inducing which is fine on a Friday – or … Continue reading

A Primrose Hill Picnic…

Primrose Hill, Saturday 18 August, 31 degrees… The British summer had been a massive wash-out until very, very recently. And then, out of nowhere, we went and got two scorchio weekends on the trot. Whoop. The Saturday before last was the weekend of the barbecue, so the weekend just passed was all about the park-based … Continue reading

Chorizo Beef Burgers and Other BBQ Recipes

THE star of Saturday’s BBQ – according to the blokes anyway – were these… Chorizo beef burgers… Cooked by Julian (he was in the middle of getting a bite, here, I think…) Here is what you need for 9 to 10 of the below… HOMEMADE CHORIZO BURGERS Ingredients 750g mince 150g chorizo Oregano 1 egg … Continue reading