Chorizo Beef Burgers and Other BBQ Recipes

THE star of Saturday’s BBQ – according to the blokes anyway – were these… Chorizo beef burgers… Cooked by Julian (he was in the middle of getting a bite, here, I think…) Here is what you need for 9 to 10 of the below… HOMEMADE CHORIZO BURGERS Ingredients 750g mince 150g chorizo Oregano 1 egg … Continue reading

At Last… A Summer Barbeque!

LAST week the unexpected happened: the weather forecast for Saturday was… good! Time for an impromptu barbeque which – good timing – coincided with what we hoped would be Olympics Super Saturday Part, Deux for Team GB (It was. Go, Mo!) A plan was put in place… Venue: Alexandra Palace Park, North London/ AKA the … Continue reading

BBQs, Bad Heads and Vintage Crockery…

The weekend just gone mostly involved accidental and not-so-accidental hardcore drinking. After Friday’s “this was never meant to happen” session, I needed a breakfast not cooked by me. So J and I went to Feast in Muswell Hill and had this. I could have cheated and said I cooked it myself but that would be … Continue reading