A Leek and Potato Soup… (told you…)

Getting back into the culinary saddle last weekend, I decided to make my first-ever soup – a leek and potato one, using leftover veggies. Soups have always been a mystery to me. And stock cubes a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. People who makes soups and use stock are in a special members club, one that … Continue reading

Olympic Gold Medal for Wonkiest Cupcakes…

I thought I’d make cupcakes. Simple, vanilla cupcakes. Because I’ve never made them before. I thought it’d be a good idea because: it’s the cutesy go-to cake of every kitchen goddess (Gwyneth Paltrow, Lorraine Pascale, Nigella Lawson…) and you have to aspire to sumthink; Andy Murray had just won Olympic Gold, and cupcakes look prettier … Continue reading

Weeknight Halloumi and Hummus Extravaganza

Last night it was the extreme-roasted tomatoes‘ time to shine. They became the best supporting actors to my dinner’s leading lady and man, halloumi and hummus. AKA the Julianne Moore and Hugh Jackman of the food world. So… I did a halloumi, mushroom and hummous stack — with potato and soda farls (more interesting and less yeasty … Continue reading

It’s Monday, Extreme-Roast Some Tomatoes!

According to all-knowing kitchen goddess and guru Gwynnie P, people should make their own “sun-dried” tomatoes on a Sunday, or a Monday, say, and have a jar of them on hand to perk up meals throughout the week. Gwyneth’s advice has served me well so far, so who am I to question? I gave her … Continue reading

Family, a Restaurant Fave and a Food Fail…

I made another quinoa dish on Sunday night, with a home-made, rather than shop-bought, tzatziki. I had just made my blueberry clafoutis and was feeling like a kitchen goddess, so I confidently knocked up my quinoa (keen-wah, keen-wah, keen-wah) just like  last time. With that burbling away on the stove, I grabbed the carrot tzatziki recipe I’d … Continue reading