Warm mushroom salad with halloumi

Hello, halloumi. Hmmm, what to have with you to make eating you feel a little healthier but not boring (and that’s not pesky quinoa – which, despite being officially trendy, GETS EVERYWHERE and superglues itself to your pans)? How about a salad that’s warm and garlicky? That negates the boring bit, fo’ defz. Here’s what … Continue reading

Weeknight Halloumi and Hummus Extravaganza

Last night it was the extreme-roasted tomatoes‘ time to shine. They became the best supporting actors to my dinner’s leading lady and man, halloumi and hummus. AKA the Julianne Moore and Hugh Jackman of the food world. So… I did a halloumi, mushroom and hummous stack — with potato and soda farls (more interesting and less yeasty … Continue reading

Quinoa with roast tomatoes and halloumi

Last night I weighed out some ingredients for the first time in my life. Yay. 120 grams of quinoa – the fluffier, tastier version of cous-cous – to be precise. So what I did was, is: 1) Pre-heated the oven (fan 200) for my roast tomatoes. 2) Rinsed my 120g of quinoa in a strainer, very … Continue reading