Grilled Fish Tacos in London

Many, many fish tacos were consumed on a recent honeymoon to Hawaii. See exhibit 1, top left. Eating fish tacos became an integral part of my daily life, like brushing my teeth and texting my mum. It was inevitable that returning to London and normality would bring with it a deep gaping hole where once … Continue reading

Summer roll with it…

Vietnamese summer rolls. Made by me. In my own kitchen. I must admit I’m pretty impressed with myself. I went to an Asian supermarket and everything. They’re 74 calories a roll, too – perfect for 5:2 diet days. (Yes, I have two of those a week. But in my defence, I do stuff my face … Continue reading

Warm mushroom salad with halloumi

Hello, halloumi. Hmmm, what to have with you to make eating you feel a little healthier but not boring (and that’s not pesky quinoa – which, despite being officially trendy, GETS EVERYWHERE and superglues itself to your pans)? How about a salad that’s warm and garlicky? That negates the boring bit, fo’ defz. Here’s what … Continue reading

Chorizo Beef Burgers and Other BBQ Recipes

THE star of Saturday’s BBQ – according to the blokes anyway – were these… Chorizo beef burgers… Cooked by Julian (he was in the middle of getting a bite, here, I think…) Here is what you need for 9 to 10 of the below… HOMEMADE CHORIZO BURGERS Ingredients 750g mince 150g chorizo Oregano 1 egg … Continue reading

At Last… A Summer Barbeque!

LAST week the unexpected happened: the weather forecast for Saturday was… good! Time for an impromptu barbeque which – good timing – coincided with what we hoped would be Olympics Super Saturday Part, Deux for Team GB (It was. Go, Mo!) A plan was put in place… Venue: Alexandra Palace Park, North London/ AKA the … Continue reading

A Fish Finger Supper

How to make fish fingers posh? Hmm… Heston could probably do it. He’d deconstruct them, turn them into little floating clouds that solidified into delectable vinegary and salty cod-flavoured ice cream on the tongue. That’s Bloomin’ Hestonthal for you, though (a Come Dine With Me contestant once called him that in all seriousness.) Jamie would … Continue reading