Hot Halloween Apple Cider




Okay, it’s All Hallow’s Eve so here’s a quick easy boozy recipe to celebrate.

Literally all you need is 5 ingredients, 6 if you’re feeling posh… And a slice of apple for garnish


Two cartons of apple juice, if you’re making for more than two people – 5 or 6, say.

One carton if you’re making for 2-2 and a half people.

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon for 2 people, one teaspoon for 4 or more

Quarter of a teaspoon of nutmeg for 2 people, half a teaspoon for 4 or more

Cinnamon stick if you’re feeling posh

Lashings of dark Rum



Slice an apple into slim circles – make a slim slit in the apple so you can attach to side of cup or glass

Pour apple juice in saucepan

Add nutmeg and cinnamon

Pop the hob on a medium heat, stir to prevent spicy globules and taste as you go along

Once you’re in possession of a warm-verging-on-toasty beverage, decant into mugs – or if you’re a poseur like me, pour into vintage-style jam jar glasses and decorate with paper straws (try not to burn your hands along the way; I decanted over the sink. )

Add the rum – you know how much… Stick in a cinnamon stick

Consume, ideally with horror film on the telly and pumpkins glowing in fire place. (And spooktacular cupcakes and Halloween Haribo if you fancy).

Kitchen stats:

Kitchen Cock-ups: don’t boil your apple juice if you want to enjoy it. Don’t fill glass jam jars to top if you want to hold glass jam jar without suffering first degree burns

Listened to: New Rae & Christian album, Mercury Rising. Lovely.



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