Grilled Fish Tacos in London

20130930-191026.jpgTaco 6

Many, many fish tacos were consumed on a recent honeymoon to Hawaii. See exhibit 1, top left.

Eating fish tacos became an integral part of my daily life, like brushing my teeth and texting my mum.

It was inevitable that returning to London and normality would bring with it a deep gaping hole where once there were fish tacos.

The only solution was to make some. Please see exhibit 2, top right (London fish tacos – taco means tortilla in Hawaii, by the way).

I don’t pretend that my fish taco recipe shows a woman at the height of her culinary powers – I didn’t even cut up my own lettuce (thanks, J) let alone make my own salsa, but if it’s a quick-fix tasty tea with delusions of Hawaiian grandeur you’re after, then this is it.

Taco 1Taco 2
Taco 3Taco 5

Ingredients for 2

4 x Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself tortillas
4 x  white fish fillets –  I used the sustainable, responsibly sourced Sainsbury’s frozen haddock fillets. Grilling fish from frozen is fine, I checked.
Squeeze of lemon
Salt & pepper
Blip of olive oil
Iceberg lettuce shredded by someone nice – even if that somebody is me, as Prince would say
Grated cheddar
Several dollops of low-fat creme fraiche
Some tomato salsa
Some green jalapeno salsa (essential for British fish tacos wanting to ape their Hawaiian counterparts)

What to do

1. Put your grill on a medium heat, put some tinfoil on your grill pan, wash the icy bits off your frozen fish, dry with kitchen towel, blip a bit of olive oil on each side of your fish fillets and then add salt and pepper, place under grill and set your Russian doll egg timer for 12 minutes
2. Panic because your oven is being used to grill fish so how are you supposed to cook your frozen fries
3. Decide to give your fish 10 minutes under the grill then wrap it in tin foil to retain the heat while your fries are cooking for 20 minutes, then pop fish back under grill for 2-5 mins once chips are done
4. Grate cheese, lettuce – and tomatoes if you have them
5. Get salsas from cupboard and creme fraiche from fridge
6. Wait for everything to cook, squeeze some lemon on fish
7. Fill tortilla wraps – aka tacos – with all your ingredients
8. Eat

Kitchen stats:
Kitchen cock-ups: the grill for fish/oven for chips thing was a cause for concern, but it worked out just fine. Grilled haddock is much tastier than oven-baked haddock. Yay.
However, there was one blooper. I only had 3 wraps, so I only had one fish taco. Which wasn’t enough to satisfy me, so I ended up having a pitta bread with the leftover cheese and lettuce and more salsa instead. Be warned: two fish tacos per person is essential.
Also, next time, I’m going to melt my cheese a little bit on the tortilla before filling.
Listened to: Arctic Monkeys’ AM – back on form, they are.
P.s did you spot the pumpkin?


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