Paltrow’s Puttanesca

January is no time to be living on lettuce and water. March, maybe. January, just cruel. As if the sudden end of all things twinkly, boozy, foody, Pogues-y, party-y and Christmas 24-y isn’t bad enough. Hearty food as ascribed by Gwyneth Paltrow – whether you like her or not – is the solution. Take this … Continue reading

Gwynnie P’s Hot Tuna Nicoise Salad

Hello, This used to be one of my go-to meals. It’s chicken Supernoodles in a runny-ish sauce with halved cherry tomatoes and slabs of cheddar wodged on top. But, look… after my I’d-quite-like-to-learn-to-cook-a-bit epiphany a couple of weeks ago, I reached for my un-thumbed Gwyneth Paltrow cookery book and ‘came up’ with this: This is hot … Continue reading