BBQs, Bad Heads and Vintage Crockery…

The weekend just gone mostly involved accidental and not-so-accidental hardcore drinking.

After Friday’s “this was never meant to happen” session, I needed a breakfast not cooked by me. So J and I went to Feast in Muswell Hill and had this.

I could have cheated and said I cooked it myself but that would be lying. Still…wholemeal toast, spread with red pepper hummous, sprinkled with sun-dried tomatoes, topped with a grilled Portobella mushroom and poached egg with a sprinkling of rocket shouldn’t be too hard to replicate. And it tastes yum.

I needed to get myself feeling fresh again as I was off to Brum to “host” a birthday barbeque for my mum — and the breakie mostly worked.

The BBQ itself came complete with: sun (woo hoooo); Tina Turner (on Spotify, sadly not in person); baby nieces; garlic, chili, oil and lemon-marinaded chicken (stick ’em in zip-lock bags for an hour or three with as much of the above as you can handle); trout – caught and smoked by my cousin’s BF; steak; big burgers; halloumi; humous enhanced by olive oil, lemon and cracked black pepper (thanks, Tara); and cake. The zucchini, rocket and parmesan, and beetroot and pesto salad also came out again, this time prepared on a commercial scale for all 16 relatives. Actually I made enough for about six people. Note to self…

Pleased with my salad-organising and Spotify skills, my mum waved me off on Sunday morning with some of her vintage crockery – inherited from an old friend. It’s just on loan for now but we both agreed I needed some pretty plates if I’m to feel inspired to make stuff to go on them and then blog about it. Here is the tea set. It’s fine bone china (or chine fine bona as I have a bad habit of saying when I’m tired) with 22-carat gold trim. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds impressive. And I’m going to try my hardest not to break it.

Feeling suitably inspired by the pretty plates, I went off and bought loads of ingredients to make stuff with.

And I also bought a couple of bookend herb plants for the kitchen window ledge. Basil for the zucchini salad (sorry, one of these days I will make something else), and mint for future tzatziki and mojito adventures.

Meet Baz and Mandy.


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