Top marks for ten, Hornsey

  Hello, NGOTCB is back! Yes, it has been a year since I last blogged (hides behind hands…) but I have a good excuse. And it goes like this: Julian and I now have a permanent plus-one and her name is Jasmine. And she’s delish. With a baby in tow, my attempts at cooking have taken a bit … Continue reading

Friday Photos and a Sexy Salad Dressing

I’m always snapping away at foodie stuff on my phone – with mixed results, but I’m bit better now I have the iPhone 5. So I thought, rather than leave the pics clogging up my phone alongside the 2335 photos I already have in my one photo album, that I’d put them on here, … Continue reading

Vote For My Cake!

Leon Restaurant is running a baking competition on its website. My work pal Clare told me I should enter my blueberry clafoutis. This thing… Ridiculous, I said, but I did it anyway. And now it is sitting in a Baking Hall of Fame alongside some amazing cakes by brilliant bakers. Look: Leon’s Baking Hall of Fame — … Continue reading

Olympic Gold Medal for Wonkiest Cupcakes…

I thought I’d make cupcakes. Simple, vanilla cupcakes. Because I’ve never made them before. I thought it’d be a good idea because: it’s the cutesy go-to cake of every kitchen goddess (Gwyneth Paltrow, Lorraine Pascale, Nigella Lawson…) and you have to aspire to sumthink; Andy Murray had just won Olympic Gold, and cupcakes look prettier … Continue reading

I Made a Blueberry Clafoutis!

“A what?” you ask. I know. Same. Blueberry Clafoutis sounds like one of the entrepreneurs on Dragon’s Den, and because it sounds a bit like Theo Paphitis, I thought this dessert was Greek. And I told many people so. Despite Fugh Sternly Hittingstall declaring its actual heritage in the Guardian weekend mag from which I … Continue reading