Paltrow’s Puttanesca

January is no time to be living on lettuce and water. March, maybe. January, just cruel. As if the sudden end of all things twinkly, boozy, foody, Pogues-y, party-y and Christmas 24-y isn’t bad enough. Hearty food as ascribed by Gwyneth Paltrow – whether you like her or not – is the solution. Take this … Continue reading

Speedy shrimp, spinach and tomato pasta

As in speedy to make, not speedy actual shrimps. They were prawns anyway. But shrimps give them a cooler vibe, because as prawns go these aren’t exactly up there. They’re just small frozen ones from the back of the freezer. But still, I am doing what I set out to do. Making stuff with stuff … Continue reading

Pesto beetroot, and chilli and garlic prawns

NORMALLY after a post-work exercise sesh (ballet barre, thought it’d be chilled-out. Wasn’t), I’ll nip into the supermarche opposite the gym and get something like, oh I dunno, crab pate, crackers, stuffed pasta and a pasta sauce. Which is nice but not economical and not very creative. A post-work workout when the boy is out, … Continue reading