Grilled Fish Tacos in London

Many, many fish tacos were consumed on a recent honeymoon to Hawaii. See exhibit 1, top left. Eating fish tacos became an integral part of my daily life, like brushing my teeth and texting my mum. It was inevitable that returning to London and normality would bring with it a deep gaping hole where once … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Bubbledogs

Bubbledogs, 70 Charlotte Street, London Bubbledogs does champagne and hot dogs and has become one of London’s must-eat-at dining joints since it opened in August. It has a no-bookings policy (except for groups of six or more, apparently…) and has had tonnes of press – so as to be expected, its queues are loooong. My … Continue reading

Fun-Size Scones and an Afternoon Tea Party

Afternoon tea is quite the thing these days. From The Ritz to your local caff, everyone’s getting in on it. Including my work friend Azza who decided to throw an afternoon tea-themed flat-warming party last weekend. Being aware of my new-found fondness for baking, and having tried one of my cookies last week, Az asked … Continue reading

Restaurant review: The Pig and Butcher

The Pig and Butcher, 80 Liverpool Road, Islington, London Julian spotted cool new gastropub The Pig and Butcher one day on his bike ride into work. He liked the look and sound of it, Googled it, read a great review and decided we had to go. Despite its blood-and-guts name being a little rough on … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Yalla Yalla

Yalla Yalla, 1 Green’s Court, Soho Here comes another restaurant review. I might be trying other people’s food more than trying to make my own lately, but in my defence, the kitchen has been ripped out. In fact, the parts that once made up the kitchen are all now sitting in the living room. Look: … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Mishkin’s

Mishkin’s, 25 Catherine Street, London MISHKIN’S describes itself as a “sort-of Jewish deli with cocktails”. It doesn’t do kosher food but it does have a scrumptious-looking array of the kind of stodgy comfort food you’d find in a downtown New York deli: reuben on rye, salt beef sarnie – all stuffed to the crusts with … Continue reading

A Primrose Hill Picnic…

Primrose Hill, Saturday 18 August, 31 degrees… The British summer had been a massive wash-out until very, very recently. And then, out of nowhere, we went and got two scorchio weekends on the trot. Whoop. The Saturday before last was the weekend of the barbecue, so the weekend just passed was all about the park-based … Continue reading