Grilled Fish Tacos in London

Many, many fish tacos were consumed on a recent honeymoon to Hawaii. See exhibit 1, top left. Eating fish tacos became an integral part of my daily life, like brushing my teeth and texting my mum. It was inevitable that returning to London and normality would bring with it a deep gaping hole where once … Continue reading

2 Days in New York

New York in October. It’s truly chilling. To set the scene: J and I arrived on a busy Wednesday lunchtime on a night flight from sleepy Hawaii – on the last leg of the ‘moon – quite jet lagged and already missing the Alohan spirit we’d become accustomed to. But hey ho. We could deal … Continue reading

Wowee, Maui

Next stop on the honeymoon/cocktail fest: Maui. Oh wow, it’s amazing – and I’m not just talking about the Mai Tais – which are something to behold/slurp and which I will attempt to make lots of when back in Blighty – it’s just full-stop ruddy beautiful: glistening beaches, swaying palms, sunsets, lush valleys, jungles, flora … Continue reading


In order to fit into the below left (wedding dress, 13. 09.13), I haven’t been making/eating that much of the below right. Hence, a bit of a blog absence. All that changed once my new hub and I hit the honeymoon trail. New York and Honolulu have been our first stops and we’ve been experiencing … Continue reading