Wowee, Maui


Next stop on the honeymoon/cocktail fest: Maui.

Oh wow, it’s amazing – and I’m not just talking about the Mai Tais – which are something to behold/slurp and which I will attempt to make lots of when back in Blighty – it’s just full-stop ruddy beautiful: glistening beaches, swaying palms, sunsets, lush valleys, jungles, flora and fauna of all persuasions – including big slumbering sunbathing turtles – gorgeous mountainous, hold-on-to-the-edge-of-your-seat-so-tightly-you-leave-dents-in-the-upholstery-of-the-hire-car coastal roads, rainbows – lots of rainbows – and delicious food and booze.

Recommended restaurants in Maui, for anyone thinking of heading over here (when the hub and I move here you can stay with us, so you only need your flight): Leilani’s and Hula Grill in Ka’anapali for the fun Mai Tais and lipsmacking fish tacos; Lahaina Grill – pricey but perfect (dirty martinis with blue cheese-stuffed olives were as delicious and dirty as they sound); Kimo’s in Lahaina for live music and a laugh; Kai Sushi, the Banyan Tree (lunch), Alaloa Lounge (cocktails), Beach House (veggie burgers, steak/pork lunch plate, and lovely waitress Claudia) and The Terrace (best breakfasts; cornbeef hash with salsa and eggs was a fave with J) at the Ritz-Carlton, Maui… I know, I know, but it’s really only a few dollars more than anywhere else and the views, manicured lawns (which reminds me I must do my toenails, quick) and lovely service make it worth a splurge; Aunty Sandy’s for shave ice (ice that’s been shaved and flavoured with gloopy sweet sauce); Merriman’s (sunset views, scallops, special occasions); Sansei in Kapalua for more amazing sushi and “new wave” Asian food (their description not mine) – I had seafood pasta in a buttery black bean sauce, mmmm; and the historic Pioneer Inn in Lahaina for clam chowder and gorgeous, generous and cheap cerviche.

Now I’m Maui’d I’ll definitely be trying to create some of the above at home – not sure where I’ll get the turtle from though.

Here are some more picture postcards!















4 thoughts on “Wowee, Maui

  1. Absolutely amazingly beautiful! Loved your blog the vivid descriptions made me feel like I was there(yeah right) pictures are wonderful, ahh the cutie Turtle, love to you both xx

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