In order to fit into the below left (wedding dress, 13. 09.13), I haven’t been making/eating that much of the below right. Hence, a bit of a blog absence.


All that changed once my new hub and I hit the honeymoon trail. New York and Honolulu have been our first stops and we’ve been experiencing a steady midriff spread ever since. How we will ever go back to not necking at least two Mai Tais a day is anyone’s guess. I blame our wedding DJ, Owen, who encouraged us to get everyone drinking rum on the big night in order to get everyone dancing their socks off. NB: it worked, there was, at one point, a six-person twerk. Miley had nothing on us.

So, in no particular order are some picture postcards of our food and drink intake, so far, on the ‘moon (warning: smugness ahead): breakfasting in NY (Pastis), poolside in NY (Dream Downtown hotel), breakfast pizzas in Waikiki, tuna sushi pizzas (Morimoto Waikiki), deconstructed Mai Tais (The Modern, Waikiki) more cocktails, wine, lots of lovely sushi, and THE Japanese breakfast (Morimoto).











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