A Prosecco Slush Puppy

Five steps and three ingredients to Prosecco heaven…


Sgroppino ingredientssorbet in blender


The official name for a Prosecco Slush Puppy is a “Sgroppino”. This Italian lovely is made up on Prosecco, vodka  and lemon sorbet – and you can make it in 5 easy steps.

The only props you need are a blender and glasses.

Here’s what you do for four Prosecco glass-sized drinks:

1. Add four scoops of lemon sorbet to a blender

2. Add two shots of vodka (more if you’re feeling devilish, although you will lose the subtlety of the flavour)

3. Whizz it up until you have a smooth blend

4. Pour or spoon your mixture into glasses – but maybe not into huge Mason glasses so the drink gets lost in them, like I did above. (I was showing off. It’s a “lifestyle” thing. I have paper straws too, I just forgot to use them.)

5. Top with Prosecco

Apparently, the Italians add a dash of Sambuca when they’re feeling naughty, but Sambuca makes me sick in my mouth so I didn’t bother.

Nevertheless, these, as you would expect  if you’re a lover of Prosecco, vodka and lemon sorbet, are pretty delicious and divine: fresh, zingy, almost healthy tasting, boozy!

What’s not to like?

Kitchen stats:

Kitchen cock-ups: not a lot to get wrong here, really – but still pretty impressed with the results. Hic!

Listened to: Mogwai Les Revenants soundtrack. (Still missing The Returned.)


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