Warm mushroom salad with halloumi

Hello, halloumi.

Hmmm, what to have with you to make eating you feel a little healthier but not boring (and that’s not pesky quinoa – which, despite being officially trendy, GETS EVERYWHERE and superglues itself to your pans)?

How about a salad that’s warm and garlicky? That negates the boring bit, fo’ defz.

choppingboard1veg platefinishedplatechopping board2

Here’s what you need for one person (just multiply by um, x, for x people, you get the picture):

  1. Tbsp of olive oil
  2. 1 small clove of garlic grated, diced, sliced, whatever (oh, and maybe just go for two big cloves for four people. Remember the people you’ll be breathing on, on the bus tomorrow morning…)
  3. Half a small red onion, sliced
  4. Portobello mushroom, sliced in nice thick chunks
  5. As many small mushrooms as you like, chunked up
  6. Lots of spinach, chopped
  7. Cherry/heritage tomatoes, halved (love the red and yellow ones from M&S)
  8. Halloumi – I do like a low-fat versh when I can get my hands on it

For the side
Hummous – not homemade
Pitta bread – um, not homemade
Lemon quarters – can’t homemake. Phew.

What you do

  • Firstly, slice your halloumi into not-too-thin slices (about a centimeter, maybe) and prep your veg.
  • Next, heat your oil in a pan over a medium heat.
  • When it’s nice ‘n’ hot chuck in your onions and push them around a bit with a wooden spoon.
  • Fry for a min then chuck in your garlic and fry for a couple more mins until onions are looking translucent.
  • Next, chuck in your toms for a min, doing the wooden spatula thing – if you need more oil, sprinkle a bit more in your pan.
  • Then chuck in your spinach and mix it up with your other bits and pieces.
  • When it’s on its way to wilting, de-pan your ingredients into a dish – but leave the hob on.
  • The mushrooms and spinach produce water, so don’t tip your veg straight into your dish/onto your plate as it will all get quite wet. It’s nice to have a bit of the garlicky juice but not an ocean of the stuff – so use tongs or a spoon to transfer onto plate.
  • Tip most of the pan-detritus down the sink but leave a little oil/juice.
  • Now pop in your halloumi and fry for 3 mins on each side.

Stick some pitta bread in your toaster too.

* Recipes always tell me to fry my halloumi for 3 minutes on each side, but rarely is 3 minutes enough to produce that lovely golden ‘skin’ you’re after. So, be prepared to fry for longer.

When done, pop your halloumi on top of your warm, garlicky salad. Squeeze lemon juice over it. Add your pitta bread, grab your hummous.


Mm, it’s really tasty. Onions and garlic make magic things happen.


main plate

Kitchen cock-ups: didn’t take my own advice on the tonging-of-pan-ingredients-onto-plate thing. Tipped from pan straight to plate and then had to use 800 rolls of Plenty to mop up the mushroom water.
Listened to: Foals – Holy Fire


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