More NY Views ‘n’ Food

Here are a few more picture post cards from NY. I am feeling like a bit of a humongous show off posting all these pics – but, rest assured, when I return to England on Sat, I will be destitute and 20 stone. So it’s not all a bed of roses.

Okay. So, have moved to The oh-so swanky Standard hotel in the Meatpacking District which has ridiculous views from the bedroom windows and is right on the High Line. (It also has lots of supermodels patrolling the corridors making me feel small.)

Have had more delightful breakfasts – at Penelope in the Flatiron District and Cafeteria in Chelsea (which the SATC girls frequented): more damn fine coffee and pancakes, a soysage muffin, Nutella-infused French toast which was just orgasmic, sorry but it really was. And then there was a chocolate hazelnut cookie and chocolate brioche at Levain Bakery which was lipsmackingly amazing.

And then there’s been lots of walking and taking wonky pictures. (Am in a photo war with J. I have the “eye”, I say; he has the “technical expertise”. All my building pics look like relatives of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Actually J has got the “eye” too but I’m not going to tell him that.)











2 thoughts on “More NY Views ‘n’ Food

  1. Oh dear, I seriously need to stop reading your blog when I’m eating breakfast…. porridge just will not cut it when faced with the chocolate brioche and nutella french toast chat… sounds completely incredible! xx

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