Postcard from NY

Another picture postcard.

In this kinda order…

“Winter Storm Nemo” (he swam off without any fuss and left a dumping of pretty snow that soaked into my “Winter” boots and left me nursing trench foot.)

More breakfasts – cos breakfast is the new dinner when you have permanent jet lag. The Gray Dog in Chelsea – a proper little hipster joint; think I’m more hip replacement these days – and Locanda Verde – Robert de Niro’s restaurant! -for my birthday (before my helicopter flight over NY). Strawberry pancakes, zucchini frittatas, poached eggs with garlic potatoes – all bloody lovely and ones for the must-try-this-at-home list.

What else? There was a lovely walk across Brooklyn Bridge on my bday, followed by a celebratory champagne cocktail at the Standard Bar & Grill.. and then Birthday moules frites in Balthazar.

Going to call in sick for the rest of the year citing extreme skintness – but will worry about that later.

P.S excuse the wonky formatting of these blogs n pics – using my iPhone













6 thoughts on “Postcard from NY

  1. Happy V day from London Town, trip looks amazing! Hate you a little bit! Love T! xxx

    PS I need a poached egg covered in garlic paotaoes! xx

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