Winter Storm Nemo Breakfast

Friend of a Farmer, Flatiron District

Winter Storm Nemo: it’s all the newsreaders on New York news are talking about right now. In fact, they have their own special Nemo news channel.

Nemo is a snow blizzard “that could potentially” be bad. Or as the guy in Boston with his yard stick, but still no snow, said “It’s gonna be good, folks”.

Nemo is being covered as if it’s a huge sporting event like the Superbowl; the newsreaders – no Susannah Reid or Bill Turnbill – are trying their best to whip viewers up into a panicked frenzy – but so far no snow.

Well, it’s windy and sleety in NYC but this 30 inches the man with his yardstick keep talking about seems like an exaggeration.

Good excuse to get out and find a really cosy place for breakie though. And the place we found was ace. It’s called Friend of a Farmer, is in the Flatiron District, and is like walking into a storybook farmhouse: log fires, wooden dressers, sepia-tinged floral wallpaper, Neil Young on the stereo.

We had hot mulled cider – no alcohol content but really goddamn delicious nevertheless, it came in a teapot and was toasty and zingy all at once. More places in the UK should do this – coffees, buttermilk blueberry pancakes (me) and a South West omelette – a spicy breakfast tortilla stuffed with egg, pickles, avocado, cheese, salsa and sour cream (Julian).

If Nemo takes hold, this’d be the perfect place to hole up.




2 thoughts on “Winter Storm Nemo Breakfast

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