Jet lag, burgers and lobster rolls

Man, jet lag should not be underestimated. After yesterday’s Bubby’s brunch, J and I walked down to Wall Street and Ground Zero, walked to the water and looked around Pier 17 (who knew, a tacky seaside pier in NY!) and then walked all the way back to the hotel in the Flatiron District in the biting cold – 3 miles! Thank god for the ear- and manmuffs at our disposal (see stupid pic, below). We were deadmen and women walking. Maybe a little nap and we’d be ready to hit NY again. Hmm yeah.

Exhausted but unable to sleep or form a coherent thought, we were in danger of writing the whole of the rest of Wednesday off. Fortunately, there’s a cool little quality burger joint in Madison Square Park just across the way – celeb chef Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack.

At about 5pm, we dragged our weary bulks over there. I order a ‘shroom burger (juicy portabello mushroom in breadcrumbs, slathered with cheese and pickles) and fries, and J had the Shack Stack (100% Angus Aberdeen beef + ‘shroom) and fries. Although the other burgerites were eating at the outside tables in the twilight, we decided to sleepwalk back to the room.

Mmmm. Those burgers were good. And they helped make us feel slightly normal again. Something about the fries too, utterly delish. We thought we might get a second wind, hit The NY cocktail scene. Lollers. Sleep gobbled us up at 8.23.

Thursday, refreshed, we tracked down a cute little coffee and breakfast bun place called Spoon, walked to the Upper Eastside, then after a walk around the Met art gallery, sought out Luke’s Lobster where I had a shrimp roll, beer and chips (crisps) and J had the Taste of Maine – a mini lobster roll, mini shrimp roll and mini crab roll with crisps and beer. All super-fresh, locally sourced, organic where poss and very reasonably priced, this was a nice little find. Inside it was cute and cosy and it had Radiohead and Arcade Fire on the stereo – I’d defo go back.

I think the jet lag might finally be on the way out.





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