The Simplest Blueberry Smoothie Ever Made…


This smoothie – my first attempt at one – was a Sunday morning off-top-of-the-head thing, which is why it was very basic.

It involved three ingredients and an immersion blender.


And I think it was healthyISH but, obvz, by no means the healthiest smoothie on the block.

A whole tub of Rachel’s organic low fat (how fat though?) vanilla yoghurt, a supermarket tub of blueberries and a slug of pomegranate juice was all it took. It made enough for four to six servings. Stick it in the fridge then have the rest on a Tuesday night and then again on a Thursday morning. Seriously, you could go mad.

I think I might be a bit embarrassed about the basic-ness of this actually, I can feel myself going a bit red as I type.

You know what though, it did taste really good, and if nothing else, it’s a more fun way of eating yoghurt and fruit, with a drink on the side.

Because if you consume  this little lot as a drink, it means you can have beans, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, sausages, bacon, muffins and pancakes for your actual breakfast.

What you do is: upend a tub of yoghurt and blueberries into a receptacle big enough for an immersion blender and then slug in about a fifth of a tub of juice. Then whizz up. Add more juice if you like your smoothie thinner. But it’s best to start off too thick than too runny, eh?


Kitchen cock-ups: Thanks to a bit of reckless immersion blending I did get a bit of smoothie splatter up my nightdress.

Listened to: Little People’s Micky Mouse Operation


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