I Think This Might Be A Hint…



OOOPS. I’ve fallen off the cookery wagon massively.

I’ve been bad and haven’t blogged since Christmas, basically because I’ve not done anything very creative or imaginative in the kitchen (except for balancing new boxes of teabags and crackers on top of all the other boxes of teabags and crackers crammed into the overstuffed teabag and crackers cupboard).

Over the festive period, when not eating cheese or crisps (or vomming, thanks to The Norovirus), I made myself some bad dinners: shameful dishes such as oven chips and Quorn fillets accessorised with a splodge of coleslaw. The kind of stuff I start munching on before I even leave the kitchen so that when I eventually sit down to eat I’m left with nothing more than a few breadcrumbs and five burnt chips.

Winter is the enemy, I think. When it’s cold outside I just want to get in from work and shove something easy in the oven.

But, the results aren’t very satisfying or wholesome, really – and, because of this, and, thanks to all my lovely family and friends who see some spark of culinary potential in me yet and bought me lots of Christmas presents to prove it, I’m going get off my bum and start making some things in the kitchen again. And blogging about it.

The above picture shows some of the cooking-y stuff I got for Christmas: amongst them, several nice recipe books, some red quinoa from LA (keenwah, keenwah, keenwah), a baking mat thing, a homemade mum-made apron, cupcake cases and more…

I’m starting off slowly (this is just like going back to the gym after having December off…) Coming soon: A POTATO AND LEEK SOUP, NO LIES.

You read it here first…


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