This Isn’t Strictly a Food-Related Post…

chrischris storymistletoechris side

Meet Chris. He’s lovely. All 7ft of him.

Chris + Michael Buble’s Christmas album on Spotify followed by one of my all-time favourite festive films, A Christmas Story, followed by two episodes of The Killing + a Chinese takeaway (not pictured) = the kind of Sunday afternoon that comes around but once a year (and that makes you forget you’ve got quite the hangover after drinking all day yesterday). Lovely.

Oh and there’s mistletoe too – which Julian whacks his head off every time he goes into the kitchen. I’m short so I’m fine with it.

Oops – don’t think that post was about food at all…


2 thoughts on “This Isn’t Strictly a Food-Related Post…

  1. Well done Sarah It looks lovely indeed we must get our act together too. We have pasta that’s all I could find today !!

    Please maybe u can get ju to call Philip too u meant ti say to him cause Amelie is still loosing weight & it must be a bit distressing for them. Hope it will get sorted but little help so far. I also am sorting where they are looking for camera. Lots x x & see you soon x x

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