What Shall We Have for Brunch?

How about spicy tomatoes, eggs and crusty bread made from all the ingredients you have in your cupboard right now?

All you need is a tin or two of chopped toms (as posh or as cheap as you have), an onion (ideally red, but if not, yellow!) a clove or two of garlic, a red chili or two (or some chili flakes if not), some eggs (free-range not battery: always) and some bread.

Chop up your onions, chili (de-seed if fresh) and garlic. Fry ’em altogether gently in a lidded pan over lowish heat for five mins or so. Mmm, this smell shouldn’t be legal in the morning. Add your tin or two of toms and a spoonful of sugar to take away any bitterness. Simmer for 10 mins or so with lid on (confession: I didn’t use lid as the various recipes I was following suggested I should) and then you’re ready to add your eggs, and what do you know, create a scary Halloween frying pan face in the process.

Pop the lid on your pan and your eggs should be done in 5 to 6 mins. Mine weren’t due to lack of lid, so I shoved them under the grill for a few mins, which resulted in slightly less than runny middles. Hey ho. You could also just fry your eggs separately and add to your garlicky, oniony, hot toms when done.

Cut up bread to mop up your toms, serve with sea salt butter if you have it, grab some Tabasco, extra chilis to add to your plate if you need; make yourself a coffee and a juice (and use an old jam jar as a glass if you’re me. I’m so lifestyle right now) and tuck in.

Result: quite a delicious and satisfying brunch. And it’s still an hour earlier than if you’d have cooked it this time yesterday. Wooop.

Spicy toms and eggs stats

Kitchen cock-ups: The eggs. Need to use frying pan lid, bake in oven for 7 or so mins, or fry separately next time. Bear this in mind, kitchen virgins.

Listened to: Jazz FM (I know…) ‘cos Cerys on Radio 6 was having a bad day.


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