White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies

I’ve never made biscuits in my life. Now the Greece “diet” is a thing of the past, the nights are drawing in, and I haven’t been very well (mingin’ cold)  etc etc blah blah, it seemed like the right time.

I decided to consult my food guinea pig, Julian. He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and never looks excited when I say I’m going to make cake, but he said he would be happy perhaps to sample a white chocolate and raspberry cookie if I made some.

Fine, I could make biscuits (ha ha ha). I had a mission…

So I found a recipe that looked simple enough, got myself off to the shops and stocked up on butter, sugar, flour, Carnation condensed milk, white chocolate, raspberries, more sugar, more butter, and then spread it all out across the poor kitchen. I got the iPad out, and tentatively started to follow my recipe. Oh Christ… Butter – almost a whole packet – makes me nervous at the best of times, especially when you have to whisk it. With sugar. And then add sack loads of flour. And then condensed milk, what the hell even is that? The recipe even contained the word “dough”. This was going to involve making dough…

So I whisked the butter and sugar together for a few days, shakily added my Carnation gloop, sifted in some flour and started to MAKE DOUGH. And – who knew – after a couple of minutes it started to look like dough. Then I added the chocolate and it was time to get cracking.

Here was the thing: how much mixture did you need for one cookie? Quite a lot I thought, so I grabbed a clump, flattened it into a round, added a few 1/4s of fresh raspberry, folded them in, and then remade into round cookie-ish shapes. Eight “test batch cookies” later, they were ready for the oven.

Look how normal they look, and they smelled like cookies too, but… they still had 10 minutes to go. And they were starting to grow… And spread… Oh no…

If I’d have set out to make one massive cookie, bigger than my head, I’d have been very happy. But they were more white chocolate and raspberry cock-ups than cookies. I salvaged some from the wreckage, offered them around and a sound emerged from Julian and his mate Joel’s mouths I wasn’t expecting: “Mmmm, they’re good.”

Really? So I tried one and they did indeed taste better than they looked, crunchy on the outside, chewy and a bit soft inside, like proper cookies. And apparently that’s thanks to the condensed milk. Whatever that is.


Here’s what you need (for 18-24 cookies):
225g of unsalted room-temperature butter
225g of caster sugar
170g of Carnation Condensed Milk
350g of self-raising flour
150g of white chocolate, chopped
Fresh raspberries

Here’s what you do
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees
Smash up your white chocolate, quarter your raspberries
Whisk the butter and sugar together in a big bowl, until you have a light, fluffy mixture
Stir in your condensed milk
Sift in your flour
Get your hands in and start molding it in a big ball of dough
Add your chocolate and mold in
Take a SMALLISH piece of dough, flatten into a round shape, add some raspberries, fold dough over raspberries and reshape into a round
Do this til you have as many cookies as you desire
Place on a parchment-lined baking tray and bake for 15-18 minutes, or until your cookies start to look golden brown around the edges
Leave to cool for a few mins – they’ll look a little soggy but they’ll set – and then transfer to baking tray
The white chocolate dough will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days, FYI


White chocolate and raspberry cookies stats

Kitchen cock-ups: Apart from the obvious, I also left my rings on while I was making the dough… I also didn’t give my cookies enough space on the baking tray, and I put too many of them too close to the sides of the baking tray so they started baking up the sides of the tray. Oh dear. I also broke the chocolate up a bit too much. I want big chunky chunks of it next time.

Listened to: A bit of XFM (AKA Foo Fighters FM), sadly. And a bit of Alt J’s An Awesome Wave (not quite the Radiohead they want to be, but I quite like it, nevertheless)



5 thoughts on “White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies

    • Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, you could definitely do different flavour combinations: you could use the same basic recipe with dark chocolate and hazelnuts in place of the white chocolate and raspberries. x

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