Sunday Brunch: Salmon and Yogurt Bagels

I love bagels. But bagels don’t love me. 

After consuming them I am left feeling rather beached whale. (I basically have a gluten-intolerance I don’t want to admit to; it’s bad enough telling people you’re a veggie). But, anyway – yes! – I found a l lovely Joy The Baker ‘Bagel and Lox’ recipe that offered a sort-of solution to bloat-inducing bagel-eating while still being utterly delicious to those whose stomachs don’t turn to stone at the merest whiff of anything bread-based. The key? Scoop out the insides of the bagel then fill with gut-friendly yogurt rather than cream cheese.

And here is my take on it:



Smoked salmon slices

Low-fat Greek yogurt (or full-fat, of course)






Yogurt filling: for each bagel, plop three generous tbsp of Greek yogurt into a bowl.

Add capers – as many as you like.

Give the mixture a big squeeze of lemon juice

Add a dash of paprika and then salt and pepper

Stir, taste, and decide whether you’re good to go or you’d like more of any of the above

Then toast your bagels. Unlike Joy The Baker, I toasted mine before scooping out their innards.

Score the edge of the inside of  the toasted bagel with a sharp knife, then scoop out the insides with a spoon.

Fill your scooped-out bagels with yogurt mixture

Top with salmon, a squeeze of lemon and another sprinkle of pepper.

Serve with coffee. At whatever time of day you fancy. Mm mm.

Brunch officially goes on ’til 5.30pm on Sundays by the way.

Salmon and Yogurt Bagel Stats:

Kitchen cock-ups: Not a lot to cock up, here. Although, next time maybe I’ll try scooping the insides out of the bagels, pre-toaster. And I’ll add some cumin to my yogurt-filling, a la Joy’s recipe.

Listened to: A bit of The xx’s new album Coexist. And a bit of Radio 6.


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