Monday Munch: Salmon, Spinach and Homemade Tartar Cream

Tasty, filling, and low-calorie: I used to think those foodie terms were mutually exclusive.

Until “de-der!” I discovered this little recipe on BBC Good Food’s website, adapted by moi (and when I say “adapted by moi” what I mean is: I added some runner beans.)

It’s very simple and consists of six ingredients, most of which I had in the cupboard already – whoop. The ingredients are: salmon (though this was in fridge not cupboard), spinach (same), runner beans (same, and which were homegrown by Julian’s mum, Pat. Thanks, Pat) creme fraiche (again, fridge), lemon juice (ditto), and capers (oh, bloody hell). And S&P – which was in the cupboard. Hooray.

To make this yourself, preheat your fan oven to 200. Prep your salmon by placing on a piece of tinfoil big enough to make a package with. Then rub with a bit of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, and sprinkle it with S&P. Crunch your foil into loose little parcels and pop salmon in the oven (I cooked these babies for 13 mins with a little check of their progress along the way).

Next, slice your runner beans on the diagonal. J did this. I was clueless. (I initially thought you just left them as they were or cut them into long strips) Pop your diagonally sliced beans in a pan of salted water on hob and bring to boil. Cooked these for 10 mins all-in-all and they were nice and al dente (again, I checked their progress along the way)

Once your salmon is done (leave them in their tinfoil for a few mins), heat some olive oil in a saucepan and then tip in a whole packet of spinach. Popeye would have a field day. Once it begins to wilt, take pan off hob and spoon spinach onto plate. Next, and in the same pan on same heat, dollop several tbsp of creme fraiche, squeeze in a massive squirt of lemon juice, then chuck in some capers. As many or as little as you like. Stir the cream for about a min ensuring it never bubbles and that it’s just nice and warm. Taste it along the way with the use of a separate tasting spoon, if you wish.

When your tartar sauce is warm enough, turn gas off (and leave pan on hob); unwrap your salmon, place it on the bed of spinach and then spoon your sauce on top. Strain your runner beans and add them to your plate. Ta-dah!

Serve with a bottle of Prosecco. Or not. It is Monday after all. And in all honesty, I made this on Friday and bubbles are so much better on Friday nights. If you’re making this on a Monday, why not serve it with sparkling water and pretend it’s Prosecco.

Just a thought.

Salmon, Spinach and Tartar Sauce Stats:

Kitchen cock-ups: None, thanks to a BF who knows how to prepare runner beans!

Listened to: The sound of corks popping (only four days to go!)


2 thoughts on “Monday Munch: Salmon, Spinach and Homemade Tartar Cream

  1. For some reasons I always worry that meals like this wont satisfy me. They look great I will give you that. Perhaps I will give it a go next week. I am a big fan of Tuna and dont eat enough of it. Tonight I am going somewhere very very special. Red Dog Saloon. Not for you though…. not for you..

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