Yes! The Kitchen is Finished (And a Brown Shrimp Salad)

Woo hoo, no more dusty, untiled kitchen!

Instead, white surfaces, white wall tiles, a boiler splattered with magnets …

An uncluttered space for books, Russian doll measuring cups and the like…

And juuuuuuust about enough space for a Smeg fridge, topped with a wooden representation of the New York skyline (thanks eBay, for allowing us to afford to be smug Smeggers…)

And here’s the first thing I “cooked” in new kitchen: a brown shrimp salad.

I used brown shrimp because I found a packet lodged into the ice-encrusted walls of the old freezer. I Googled brown shrimp recipes and then made a variation on a couple of them. God, I’m getting good at this.

Here’s what you need:
A big packet of rocket
Spring onions, lots of, if you like them
Green beans, I used a whole packet on two people. Thought I’d have leftovers for my work lunch. Didn’t.
Vine tomatoes (or any kind of tomatoes you fancy really, this is hardly Blummen Hestanthal after all…)
Some basil
A packet of brown shrimp. Again, one packet did two greedy pigs

For dressing
Olive Oil
Garlic, 1 clove

What I did was, is:

This isn’t a tricky one, fellow kitchen virgins. I:

Topped and tailed the green beans, chucken ’em in boiling salted water for 3-4 mins, until al dente, drained the water and ran the beans under a cold tap to cool, so they weren’t the only warm bit of the salad. Next I chopped the spring onions. And the tomatoes. And “minced” one clove of garlic.

Then I mixed the garlic with the juice of about one lemon and olive oil – using slightly more olive oil – in a little plastic Tupperware pot. Then I added a squeeze of honey and S&P, after which I stuck the lid on the pot and shook the ingredients for England. Apres that, I tasted dressing and then added more seasoning/honey/oil where I felt I needed it. Start small, then you can add.

Anyway after all that, I launched the rocket into a big bowl, catapulted the spring onions in and chucked the tomatoes on top.

Then came the brown shrimp.

And to finish I drizzled the dressing all over it, tossing the salad with my own clean hands to ensure every last leaf had said “hi” to the dressing.

And that was that. And it was definitely quite tasty, and some might even say: nice.

Brown shrimp salad stats:

Listened to: Choir of Young Believers, This Is For The White In Your Eyes (this band did the soundtrack for The Bridge. I like pretending to be a lead character in a Scandinavian crime drama every now and again, even though those female crime-crackers are not exactly known for their skills in the kitchen. Moving on…)

Kitchen cock-ups: more tomatoes wouldn’t have gone amiss, maybe some avocado even. And yet, it was still really quite nice.


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