Strawberry Salads and Naughty Nieces

Do strawberries really work in salads? And is Toffee Eton Mess a worthwhile dessert?

They’re questions that have been bothering me for a while.

Fortunately, I got the chance to put both of them to the test, recently – at the after-party (meal) for my niece Orla’s Christening.

The bash was held at The Boathouse restaurant in Sutton Coldfield (very pretty location) and there on the menu, as if it were meant to be, were both a strawberry and melon salad with feta, and a toffee Eton Mess. Everyone else had fishy terrines, meaty morsels, or cheesy, garlicky mushroom tart concoctions for their starters, while I had the strawberry salad. Sacrifices, sacrifices. I didn’t even drink any wine so I could remain sober enough to take pictures of it * cough *

Anyway, the verdict was: erm… yeah, strawberry salads kinda work. The salty feta cheese definitely gave this otherwise ‘light dessert with lettuce’ a punchy kick. I preferred the Toffee Eton Mess which many of us opted for, for dessert. You can’t beat a big smush of meringue, double cream, and toffee chunks. I might try this at home, after Greece.

Anyway, now on to the other food-related stuff, like, erm, showing pictures of my nieces (with their dad Pete – my bro – and mum, Bex) . Orla’s older sister, Freya, is 2 and a half and did her very best to steal the show during the Christening service, including dancing on the alter, shouting “‘Ello, PRIEST!” during the quiet bits, and pulling on said holy man’s tassled cassock. And, yeah, they both love food, avid followers of this blog in fact.

Anyone who thinks I used a strawberry salad as an excuse to post pictures of my nieces, I mean, really…


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