Midweek Munch: Cheesy, Spinach and Tomato Frittata

What’s the difference between a frittata and an omelette?

I’ve made a frittata.

Actually, I think I made a cross between a frittata and an omelette: a fromelette. Or an omelatta.

The biggest difference I can see – with my wholly untrained eye – is that you bake a frittata in the oven, and it stays in one nice round shape. Whereas, an omelette is done on the hob, and folded over. And sometimes people fold their ingredients into the omelette, whereas a frittata’s ingredients are part and parcel of one big mix. And a frittata is fluffy and thick and an omelette is flat and a bit wet. Technical.

Anyway, whatever it was I cooked, it was really tasty and the perfect midweek munch.

If you’re after a Wednesday eve bite along the lines of a cheesy, spinach and tomato frittata, say – or a cheesy, spinach, tomato and chorizo frittata as BF had, then here you go…


6 large eggs if you’re making one BIG fromelette for up to four people (2 if you’re making a modest one for yourself, 4 if you’re a boy making a less-modest meaty one)

1 onion (I actually used spring onions cos there were no “normal” onions in the shop. Both are good, I suppose)

Cherry tomatoes

Washed spinach

Grated cheddar

Grated pecorino romano

Drop of milk

Olive oil


What to do:

Preheat oven to 180 degrees

Chop 7 or so cherry toms per person in half (this reads a little funny. Just to clarify: don’t chop 7 or so people in half, chop the tomatoes.)

Chop up a couple of spring onions per person

Grate quite the mound of cheese. I did about a pile of cheddar mixed with pecorino for myself –  but you can grate as much as you want depending on how good you’re being

Crack 2 (or 6) eggs into a jug and beat them quite vigorously, then added a splash of milk, stir, and after that, stir in the cheese and the S&P

If you’re having chorizo, chop that bad boy up

Next, heat olive oil in an omelette pan (for one), big pan (for two or more) and when warm, throw in onions and tomatoes

After a couple of mins, chuck in the spinach and stir till it begins to wilt

Next pour in your cheesy mixture, lifting ingredients with plastic spatula to ensure mixture gets underneath. Sprinkle chorizo on top, or add it to cheesy egg mixture beforehand, if you’re going for meaty option

When your concoction begins to set around the sides and middle, but is still quite pale, remove your saucepan from hob and whack it in the oven. I cooked mine for 15 mins (which is probably why it was a half ‘n’ half creation) but according to various recipes, you can leave your frittata int’ oven for up to 30. Oh, and yes, that is a shiny new oven you see. Kitchen still generally in fridge-less, dust-covered, un-tiled disarray, however

Basically, give it 15 or 20 at least and when it looks golden and fluffy, remove from oven and serve. With a sprinkle of rocket if you fancy it.

So simple even I did it.


7 thoughts on “Midweek Munch: Cheesy, Spinach and Tomato Frittata

  1. I think this would be even better with some Chorizo for the meat eaters. ‘Fromellette’ is a term you should brand now. Thats what cooking is all about. Using regular dishes and branding them your own.

  2. I have also coined the term “sp-latte” or “splatte” for my half-water/half-milk skinny latte which my personal barista confirmed didn’t have a name of its own. Who do I tell? The government?

  3. Not to get too politicised but I am actually a member of one of “the big three”, want me to have a word with Ed..damn? This looks delish by the way, I’m going to try it sans Chorizo.

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